Titanium Wheel Lug Nut

  • After hundreds and thousands of design changes as well as engineering verifications, FTG Performance is now presenting Titanium Wheel Lug Bolts & Nuts series products.
    By using aerospace standard material and adding hot forging into the manufacturing processes, FTG Performance’s Ti-kits are stronger, more durable and more reliable, regardless you’re having a ride on daily routes, hanging out with fellows from the car clubs, spending some lovely summer time burning rubber at the track, FTG Performance’s Ti-made Lug Bolts & Nuts will ensure the security and pleasure anytime and anywhere you go.

                                                         5. Machining- Titanium Raito of tensile to density

    Comparing Titanium with the more commonly used materials, it’s obvious to find that Titanium stands out. From the figure above you can see that Titanium has a ratio of tensile strength to density that is higher than the other metals, which provides FTG Performance’s Ti kits superior strength and unmatched lightness. Additionally, Titanium also offers great performance on fatigue, wearing and rust resistance. These mean that the Ti kits will remain functional and good-looking for years and years to come, even if you do tire changes frequently.
    For driving design, FTG Performance has torx, 7-sided, 12-point and many other types for selections, whether you want to prevent your luxury wheels from being stolen or you rather than keeping it simple to be installed/uninstalled, FTG Performance has the right options for your needs.
    If you feel like saving a bit more unsprung weight to break the record, or if you want to get rid of the chunky and rusted hardwares on your beloved ride, FTG Performance’s Titanium Lug Bolts & Nuts are literally bespoke to your desire. 

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  • Available Choices

    - M12 x 1.25
    - M12 x 1.5
    - M14 x 1.25
    - M14 x 1.5

    - 30mm
    - 40mm
    - 45mm
    * Custom Lengths available for spacer users. Please let us know the spacer sizes and we will get you the bolts with approporiate lengths.

    - Polishing
    - PVD
    - Anodizing
    - Torching