Brake Rotor F/R

  • In order to respond to the customers' needs, Faith Target keeps improving its service and coverage. 
    Now, except the semifinished materials such as raw casting or forging blank, Faith Target has the ability to provide parts finish-to-design and sub-assemblies for the various demands of our customers. 

  • Following is the Diameter x Thickness list of the Brake Rotors we can provide:
    Front Rotor Size Rear Rotor Size
    Ø286 x 22mm Ø286 x 22mm
    Ø286 x 26mm Ø304 x 22mm
    Ø304 x 22mm Ø330 x 28mm
    Ø304 x 26mm Ø356 x 28mm
    Ø330 x 32mm Ø380 x 32mm
    Ø345 x 32mm -
    Ø356 x 32mm -
    Ø380 x 32mm -
    Ø380 x 34mm -
    Ø405 x 36mm -
    Ø430 x 36mm -