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FTG Performance Parts, Inc. is a professional performance parts supplier located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. The company was known as Faith Target Group Limited when founded and the history of Faith Target can be traced back to the early‘80s.
The photo above was the initial Faith Target team and one of our customers back in '85.
The story started when Jack Tu, the founder of Faith Target Group Limited, visited an off-road tire company. When given a factory tour, Jack not just was surprised to see them hand carving their tires, but also noticed that they made wheels in addition to tires. So he asked if it is possible for Faith Target to develop wheels for them and to become their supplier. The engineer then answered “It’s made here in-house in the United States and I don’t think you can make it in your country.” Jack didn't give up and said “Just let me bring this wheel back with me and we will prove you that we can! If we fail, we will return the wheel. However, if we make it, you would be beneficial for cost reduction. Nothing to lose but a chance to win for you, so why not giving me a try?”
The result, unsurprisingly, Jack not only developed the wheel successfully in Taiwan and this company then became his very first customer. This unique experience has also become one of the most important values to the FTG team till today, that is­—
“We like challenges that no one does.”
FTG always prides itself being able to deal with challenging projects that require knowledge as well as expertise.
After getting the first contract, Jack got opportunities to work on more projects with more customers. He again met the critical requirements and all his clients have been satisfied with the parts he made for them. Thanks to the experiences working with these companies, Faith Target got to expand its product line steadily in the next several years. By 2010, Faith Target had carried manufacturing capabilities including Casting, Forging, Stamping, Powder Metal and Precision Machining, and the products supplied range from tools and fasteners to forged cams and engine valves.
In the recent years, due to the effects of Global Warming, manufacturers regardless industry are required to reduce carbon emissions. Weight reduction therefore has become more and more important to the automotive industry not only to reduce fuel consumption and air pollution, but also to improve the performance of the vehicles. Given the circumstance and to keep up with the fast paced technology change, Faith Target moved its focus to lightweight products with unparalleled strength. In 2016, Faith Target added Composite Products to its product line and started to produce high quality carbon fiber parts with aerospace technology. In 2018, Forged Titanium Wheel Lug Nuts/Bolts as well as Aluminum Forged Wheels were introduced at PRI. The company name was also changed in the same year to FTG Performance Parts, Inc., so it becomes easier for people to know what we do and what we are good at after hearing the company name.
Today, FTG does far more than just manufacturing, the core value of FTG is Performance Optimization achieved through design, engineering and process improvements. The products provided by FTG are engineered to exceed the industry standard and to create an extraordinary using experience. We pay close attention to every detail, both functionally and aesthetically, for FTG is well aware that our products must work as perfectly as we promised, likewise they must look as great as our customers expected them to be.
No matter you are looking at using our products to win a race or to add some attracting features to your new builds, FTG’s got you covered. At FTG, world-class quality and service are our commitments to every single of our customers. And most importantly, we stand behind our products to ensure your satisfaction.
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