About us

About us

FTG Performance Parts, Inc. is a professional performance parts supplier located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. The company was known as Faith Target Group Limited when founded and the history of Faith Target can be traced back to the early ‘80s.
The story started when Jack Tu, the founder of Faith Target Group Limited, visited an off-road tire company. When given a factory tour, Jack not just was surprised to see them hand carving

Why Faith Target



    A premium product is a MUST in order to maximize the performance of the vehicles. What makes a premium product PREMIUM? First of all, it has to be made with top quality material. If someone sells a premium product that is designed by the greatest designer and produced with the most advanced technology but using an average material, the averageness might cancel out the advantages you get from the design and process used. It’s basic but important.
    Thus, FTG Performance makes its products with some of the most exotic materials of our time.

    FTG Performance uses prepreg for its composite production. Comparing with the traditional hand layup, the parts made with prepreg have much higher strength properties, better uniformity when it comes to production, better appearance with glossy and smooth surfaces. And the material and technology we use have given us the capabilities to make composite products not solely for decoration, but also possibly for structural application.
    There are different sources and grades of titanium on the market, and the most common alloy being used is Ti6Al4V with ASTM spec grade-5 titanium. We are hearing stories about some manufacturers accidentally bought their titanium from the wrong sources so they ended up with customer claims and compensation requests from the dissatisfied customers. Reputational damage or financial loss is one thing; security issue is not funny at all. That’s exactly the reason why FTG has chosen to use titanium with AMS4928 (SAE aerospace material sepc), more guarantees for us, and for customers who choose to trust us.




    FTG Performance uses autoclaves as well as prepreg to manufacture composite products. The aerospace background of our engineering team enables us to utilize this aerospace technology in automotive industry.
    Hand lamination might be more cost reasonable generally when it comes to composite product development, but autoclave does a better job to ensure the unbeatable strength performance along with stunning surface of the parts comparing to any other composite process.
    Forging isn’t new to us today, yet, forged titanium is nothing like steel forging or aluminum forging which we are familiar with. If the process is not well controlled, it could even make the parts weaker than the way it was before being forged. With our expertise and know-how on the mold design and process control, we are capable of optimizing the product performance and improving the production efficiency.



    FTG Performance is well aware that our customers are looking only for the best of the best. We can’t let them down with a functionally great but terrible looking product. It is both important to make the parts work right and look right. That is why we don’t make parts the same way all the way to the end, instead, we look into details of our design and process regularly so any imperfection and inefficiency could be detected in the first place.